Truth, Justice, And... An Anthology of Superhero fiction featuring Burdern of Expectation

Burden of Expectation

Ben Henderson is torn between two worlds. In one he is wears a costume and is a member of the elite British team known as The Guard, while in the other he is a school teacher trying to build a life for himself. Is it possible to combine both? Can a balance be found? Or is the Burden of Exptectation he feels from his father more than he can live up to?

Note: While this story can be read by anyone, there are several others stories in this anthology that, in my opinion, should not find their way into the hands of children based on the language and adult situations involved in them.

The story was written to be a part of Trusth, Justice, And..., an anthology published by Cyberpulp/USA. It is one of 14 tales that look at what it means to be a superhero.

The History Anthology at Frontier Publishing

Through The Eyes of His Men

Sir Henry Morgan was a buccaneer and was given the title of "King of All Pirates". His deeds have formed the stuff of legends but truth lies within all tales.

In this tale we take a look at the man as life as seen by those who served under him as he is transported back to England accused of treason against the crown.

The story was written to be a part of Frontier Publishing's History Anthology and can be found there.