"Truth, Justice, And..." is an anthology of fourteen original tales of superheroes. Including within is "Burden of Expectation", a story of a young man trying to come to terms with what he wants versus what is expected of him.


Avengers 2000 is the home to fanfiction based on Marvel Comic Groups Avengers and other related characters. Over the years it has expanded to multiple Imprints that are based on different divergent points from the official Marvel continuum. The website has gone through the hands of several webmasters and designs before reaching the current version.


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The Latest News

3/9/2004   First Story Published!

The site has received a large update today so you should have plenty to read and look at.

First up is news that the anthology containing my short story, "Burden of Expectation" has been released. "Truth, Justice, and..." can be purchased in either e-book or paperback at It is also linked via the Writing page here at the site.

Note: Having now read the entire contents of this anthology I want to make it clear to anyone considering buying it that in my opionion it is not suitable for children. Unbeknownst to me there are several stories in this book where the language is very bad. Additionally, there are several where the scenes are definitely of a mature nature. Please consider this when thinking about purchasing this book. I am extremely sorry if you have done so already and have been offended by it. I honestly had no idea that the contents would cover such a wide sprectrum.

Secondly, another short story of mine - "Through The Eyes of His Men" - went online last night at Frontier Publishing as part of their History Anthology. Check out more details on the story at its page here and then hop over to Frontier to check it out.

Finally, the second story in the C.A.S.E. Files series is now online here. "Glidersleeves Ghost" follows Max Danielson as he investigates a potential haunting at his old college as a favor to a professor there.

As far as future news goes, I've begun work on a new story that will be set in Frontier Publishing's shared city - Denbrook. (If it gets accepted of course). This will be heavily action oriented but with an otherworldly flavor. I'm also working on an idea that follows up on the world created in "Burden of Expectation" (see above) which I hope will be of interest to Cyberpulp.

The Latest News

3/9/2004   A Trumpet to the World!

Web design has been largely limited to tweaking the Avengers 2000 site and loading the new DC Dark Side Imprint at DC Heroes. However, I have loaded the first version of the new Planetary Bugle online magazine. This is designed for the simple purchase of celebrating, and advertizing, the writers and work at the Avengers 2000 and DC Heroes sites. The first issue contains an interview with me so go take a look.