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C.A.S.E. Files

C.A.S.E. - The Central Agency for Security in Europe, has been charged by the members of the European Union to maintain the safety of its member nations. It has offices in all of the nations of the Union and deals with all types of security, from the mundane to the supernatural. As such, it is split into various divisions, such as S.I.X, T.W.O, T.E.N and R.I.O.T.

This a look inside the files of the agency and the agents that work for it.

Short Stories

This page will contain various short stories I've written. The short story format is one that has been difficult to adapt to, but I believe that the stories found here hold up well.

Currently there is one stories here. It is housed at the Frontier Publishing site within their History Anthology. Another story has been accepted for publication by CyberPulp, USA and once it is released in their "Truth, Justice, and..." anthology I will add it.